I want to introduce you to a new and highly exclusive wine brand from Veneto. Veneto is a region in Italy, where I am from and it's the region that is most famous for its wine, such as Prosecco and Amarone. For me it is an honor to present a high-end wine label produced in my country and region. 

The project of Sciamano Wines started in 2015 from an idea that arose almost by chance. Alessandro Pettene and Andrea Agnoli have been working in the wine sector for more than 20 years with great passion, commitment and professionalism. "We deeply believe and it's the basis of our business philosophy, in drawing inspiration from ancient teachings, put into practice with creativity and vitality. "

This is how Sciamano S.R.L come into being. The strong desire to create this new enterprise has allowed to produce a line of unique products that express the rare qualities of the territory. 


A good wine, as we know, stands the test of time. It brings with it the testimony of a place and the people who created it. 


It is permeated with history. 

This is how Sciamano was founded. From a sstory that began 35,000 years ago and reaches us through the oldest archeological find in Europe. A story that makes its way through the walls of the cave in Fumane, Valpolicella, where, hidden and guarded in the depths of the rock, an image emerges. 

Lo Sciamano [English: The Shaman]

It is the work of a population that took refuge there after the last ice age; enigmatic, fascinating, permeated with the mysticism of distant times. A mighty man, whose features reveal al the power of the chieftain. 

This is where Sciamano wine has its origins; in the lands of Valpolicella, in the depths of a millennia-old history, in the testimony of an ancient population in the mystical figure of the Shaman. 


When an important wine is born, it is treated with a precise intention: the fervent desire to communicate with those who will drink it. 

The wine, in its bottle, becomes a message that transcends the ages. It is preserved, bringing with it the hope of a new discovery. 

It becomes a testimony of beauty, passion, wonder: the wonder of a special vintage, the fervour of those who worked with it, the wealth of a territory that generated it. 

Sciamano originates from hills with an ancient winemaking tradition, where the best grapes are selected from 1000 vines, from old vines between 40 and 70 years old and scattered throughout the territory. This creates a blend of the finest grapes, which are dried for a short period of time. 

Traditional classic winemaking, combined with maturing in high-quality woods, gives wine an absolute harmony. 

The quality and attention to every detail, make it a product reserved for the lucky few capable of appreciating its uniqueness. 


Its exclusive packaging aims to preserve and allow people to taste this elixir which, through time, reaches us and projects itself into the near and distant future. 



Only a custodian of time can honor such a fine wine. A white Carrara marble casing, turned and handcrafted by skilled artists. 

A time capsule in which the figure of the Shaman, guardian of this noble Verona IGT, is illuminated and comes to life. 

Inside, the 1,5 litre magnum rests on a pressure mechanism which, once the cap is unscrewed, lights up the bottle with a warm glow. 

Here is the Sciamano logo, engraved on a genuine leather label, handmade by skilled artisans.

The capsule in pure marble is carefully safeguarded in a container of precious solid oak, to preserve the artefact and its renowned content. 

Colour: Ruby Red, full and dense

Offactory notes: on the nose, hints of raisins, cherries, morello cherry plum, jams. Long intense and enveloping notes of spices and cocoa, with a slight accent of pepper, tobacco and liquorice. All enhanced and concentrated by the high alcohol content. 

Tasting notes: The mouthfeel is majestic. The initial impact is one of the velvety softness, immediately balanced by a pleasing acidic impetus. The tannins are balanced and enveloping, the finish persistent and harmonious. Aromas and flavours that blend harmoniously on the palate: broad on the first impression, they than become soft and enveloping, thanks to the high alcohol content of 16%

Appellation: Rosso Verona IGT

Type: Dry Red Wine 

Grapes: Carvina Veronese 40%, Carvinone 35%, Rondinella 15%, Molinara 5%, other native grapes 5%. 

Vineyard: Selection of about 1000 vines planted for over 50 years. 

Lands: Facing south, altitude from 100 to 400 metres above sea level calcareous sails

Harvest: Harvested by hand in wooden boxes from the end of September to mid-October. 

Drying: Natural with the aid of fans if necessary from 60 to 90 days. 

Pressing: When the desired sugar level i reached

Fermentation: First fermentation in small stainless steel tanks, second fermentation in small oak and cherry wood barrels. In the first fermentation, the temperature is controlled automatically while in the second fermentation, it is carried out naturally.

Ageing: 3 years in wood, 1 year in steel and about 1 year in the bottle. 

Total production: only the best vintages 600 magnums of 1,5 litres.