Such an honor to be invited by the Mercedes Benz team to the Headquarters in Stuttgart, for the world premier of the new Mercedes Benz S Class!

The new S class is a perfect example of amazing engineering offering new innovation and new technology for the driver as well as responding to the needs of the passengers. It defines luxury in the automobile world with its elegant, high quality and ”loungy” interior. 

Not to mention the dashboard with its new architecture and three dimensional design makes it such an enjoyable drive. The new S class really takes care of the passengers as well as the driver offering many different Energizing Comfort Programs (MASSAGE!!) while driving and oh so comfortable seats. 

There is so much to say about this new S Class but l would like to mention something about the driving experience. There are many intelligent digital innovations that increases the joy of driving while making it safer than ever with numerous of new driving assistance systems. Driving assistance is one of the things that made me fascinated about this new S class and I would find it extremely helpful on my day-to-day situations. Up to 210 km/h and on all type of roads the new S class is able to automatically maintain the correct distance from the vehicle infront, keeping the car on track and gives the driver steering assistance even on bends. This system makes driving so easy and to be able to focus on other things in the car like checking the emails and work on the phone which I do most of the time. 



















You have probably seen this on my Instagram, it's such an amazing innovation and it got thousands of shares!!


Mercedes Benz has together with Bosch and the city of Stuttgart made a futuristic idea possible by bringing the automated parking to reality - which means basically that they gave the new S class the ability to park itself by a simple smartphone command. With this new technology, that is available right now at the airport garage in Stuttgart, there is a place for the users of Automated Valet Parking to leave their car. The user will be able to trough the Mercedes Benz App confirm that the car is ready for parking and that’s when the magic starts. The car starts then to move (without the driver but only by the guidance of the infrastructure in it) towards the basement of the garage and finds a parking spot. They do have a specific place they are programmed to park in but if it happens that a vehicle is on that spot the new S class is able to find itself another spot. How incredible is that?? The car will wait on its spot until the driver is back and demands though the app the car to return to space outside the garage. Ticketing is automated as well….


The Mercedes Benz S Class, is the flagship for Mercedes Benz and this time it comes with a bigger luxury package. It has a powerful engine and even more luxurious accommodations and details both interior and exterior and I believe this model is going to be leading in the market for years to come. 

Let's talk about the tech part and MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience) as this is the most technologically advanced car in the world.  On the central touchscreen you can set up your profile using the Mercedes app. To get in to the system the MBUX can recognize you by your voice, fingerprint, facial recognition or a PIN Code and this authentification can be used by up to seven people. The voice recognition supports 27 languages and in your language you can actually use one of the "Chit-Chat" features and ask MBUX anything you want.


I used the navigation system a lot in Germany and need to say how impressive the system is using animated direction arrows that are shown virtually and so precisely on the road. Another thing is that this amazing technological car is using cameras on the roof control panel so the MBUX Interior Assist is able to recognize the intentions of it's passengers and the driver by the movements of their heads, hands and complete body language and responds with corresponding functions. So if I were to look over my shoulder, Interior Assist would automatically open the blind for me. 

Like I mentioned above, there are a lot of things worth mentioning about this new technology and it's impressive features. A huge thanks to Mercedes Benz for this amazing opportunity, even during these hard times of Covid-19, for inviting us to Stuttgart and including me in there world premiere of the amazing new Mercedes Benz S Class. Can not wait for whats more to come when the world is back on its feet again and we finally have somehow overcome this crazy pandemic. 


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