stronger than time 

You have probably seen that I’ve been away to Istanbul for a time now and it’s been a crazy ride! I know that it is an uncertain time and challenging for many but I also believe that you have to continue your life (that is also my work) as much as possible. 

We have been very cautious, kept a social distance and done maaany Covid-tests in between flights and visits to keep ourselves and others around us safe. 


Having said that, I hope that you have enjoyed my content lately from Istanbul and I am grateful for the nice comments and questions I’ve received and the nice advices on places to visit in Istanbul. A big thanks to Mercedes-Benz Türkiye and the HQ of MB for making sure that we traveled in style around Istanbul. I got my hands on the beautiful latest model of the G-class G 350 d to drive around in and explore. A powerful V6 diesel engine with 600 Nm of torque combined with over 500-mile range is the perfect tank to enjoy. An off-road-queen with the everyday practicality and functionality.  

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, sometimes called G-Wagen short for Geländewagen, "terrain vehicle", is a mid-size four-wheel drive luxury SUV. I am actually not a SUV fan. You know that I love light and low cars, I highly prefer the motion than the comfort. But a G-class is something different, it’s an absolute legend and I was suprised how great it was to drive in Istanbul. If I have to choose the one perfect model for the mega city Istanbul my first choice is absolutely the G wagen. Knowing the streets of Istanbul, with bumps, highs and lows, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to drive a supercar there. 

Speaking of supercars, the taxations is so high in Turkey (up to 220%) that this G class has the cost of a V12 classic supercar. That makes this model one of the most expensive cars in Istanbul. In this aspect I am considering myself really privileged to share and experience a model like the G-wagen! 


I also want to mention that this car is like a badass SUV that naturally goes off road and crashing through rivers like it’s nothing and at the same time being extremely stylish that turn heads when you drive in the city. Despite it being an off-road car the interior is top-notch luxury with luxury materials, premium leather, walnut trim and many more new features. The seats are really comfortable even when you drive on uncomfortable roads and bumps. As you can see the paint of the vehicle is spectacular! It’s called Rubellite Red Metallic and it’s one of the most beautiful I’ve seen.  

An amazing opportunity with Mercedes Benz Turkey to be creative and experience the best only.