Riva Aquarama Special

With Bellini Nautica 

This September we traveled back in time and lived the good old, luxury

"Bella Vita" at Lake Iseo, thanks to Bellini Nautica.

Martina Bellini, daughter of Romano Bellini, introduced to us to no other than the legendary Riva Aquarama Special from 1977 - one of the most luxurious boats in the world. An eventful morning with Bellini Nautica out on the beautiful Lago d'Iseo to live a picturesque experience.   


Riva Aquarama Special

The Aquarama is one of Carlo Riva's most famouse designs, produced between 1962-1996. It is known as the Ferrari of the boats!

Why the name Aquama? The heritage is brilliant - The name is inspired by "Cinerama" which is the first widescreen projection system. This projections system had an angle very similar to the Aquarama curved widescreen that allows a nice panoramic view! 

During 34 years there were a total of 769 boats built with an exclusive clientele like Peter Sellers, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Ferrucio Lamborghini.

Speaking of Lamborghini...

We had the extreme pleasure to visit the Romano Bellini Private Collection - the most complete Riva Collection in the world. There are 17 vintage Riva models displayed to be admired, starting with the Riva Racer from 1920.

Of course the collection also included the Riva Lamborghini - fastest Aquarama in the world.


In 1968 Ferrucio Lamborghini ordered Hull No.278 which had to be built in three months time only!! Why? - Because Ferruccio Lamborghini wanted it out on the water by August...

Lamborghini was not settling for a regular V8 engine, that is why he took a pair of 350 bhp 4.0 V12 Lamborghini engines from a 350 GT and adapted them on his new Riva.

This models became the fastest Aquarama ever made -  with a touch of Lamborghini.

And the story goes...

A great experience and I'm so happy that I finally had the chance to visit this amazing collection of Riva boats.

Riva is one of the most unique, elegant and classy boats in the world witch iconic history of boats and captures the Italian style of yachting and the good life that goes hand in hand, and I hope that I was able to show you a good little glimpse of that.


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Thank you Bellini Nautica

Davide Cesaro